Carver’s Gap Goodness

Bakersville, NC

An access point to the Appalachian Trail, Carver’s Gap is a fantastic place to hike with breathtaking 360 degree views. I really headed that way to check out the Roan Mountain Park but it wasn’t open yet (opened Memorial Day weekend) so I strutted up the balds. Tucked along the TN/NC line it straddles the Cherokee and Pisgah National Forests it’s an amazing way to spend an afternoon.

After hiking up and down the balds I headed down the mountain road and drove past my Dad (and Auryn’s brother Ziggy) who had decided to come join me for some car camping! We decided to head back up again since he wanted to see it.

As the sun began to set we realized our sunset would be blocked by Roan Mountain so we decided to head back down the mountain road where we had passed earlier. We found a perfect pull off area with an stunning view of the sunset and set up “camp”. I slept in my caRV and my dad set up his Element tent. Pretty awesome free way to spend a day/night.

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