Sept She-nanigans | Bastei

Hiking a 200 Year Old Tourist Attraction

After a quick tour of Dresden we headed towards Prague, stopping at the Saxon Switzerland National Park for an awe inspiring hike on the Bastei. Formed by water erosion over a million years ago this natural wonder is situated near Rathen, Germany. The area has inspired artists, climbers and nature enthusiasts for over 200 years.

“What depth of feeling it pours into the soul! You can stand here for a long time without being finished with it (…) it is so difficult to tear yourself away from this spot.” – Carl Heinrich Nicolai 1801

Luckily we had amazing weather during our trip so the hike up the 500 stairs and pathways was not only a great work out for the buns but filled with unforgettable scenic views. And of course we treated ourselves to a nice big beer at the top.

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