Sept She-nanigans | Volendam

Thanks for the Fish & Cheese

After an afternoon of windmills and clogs we headed Northeast to a super cute fishing village called Volendam.

Originally the location of the harbor of Edam it was dammed and used for land reclamation when Edam created their own harbor. Farmers and local fishermen settled there, forming the new community of Vollendam, which literally meant something like ‘Filled dam’. In the early part of the 20th century it became something of an artists’ retreat, with both Picasso and Renoir spending time here.

Initially we went to check out the cheese factory… but it was not what we expected. Instead of seeing how they make their cheese it was really just a shop.

I was glad we made the drive though because this town is just perfect. Bright colorful old buildings along a shore peppered with fishing and leisure boats. After strolling a bit we decided to share some fish and chips and sit by the seaside.

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